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Upcoming Group Exhibition

January 2022, A collective exhibition of paintings, drawings, engravings, and Tridimensional Figures in a wide range of formats and styles.
Adrian Arguedas with Olga Anaskina, Pablo Majias, Roberto Murillo y Phillip Anaskin come together to present their artwork.
The exhibition will take place at the central gallery of the Calderon Guardia Museum, located in the Barrio Escalante, San Jose, Costa Rica. (opening date will be announced soon)

Group of artistists

Calderon Guardia Museum, Costa Rica.


Costa Rica, September 2021

"Digital Animation"

The National University of Costa Rica has made a digital animation from the work "La Danza" by Adrian Arguedas, to be used as part of its activities to celebrate the bicentennial of the independence of Costa Rica.
"La Danza" It is part of the artist's most recent collection called "Valle Oscuro" (Dark Valley), 2020.

La Danza, Oil on Canvas

La Danza, Oil on Canvas, 190x200cms

Museum of Costa Rican Art

"Recuperar Y Re-Imaginar 2020"

Adrian Arguedas has donated Three Artworks to the Museum of Costa Rican Art. The pieces will be part of the museum's permanent collection.
The art pieces are currently exhibited as part of the series named “Recuperar y Reimaginar 2021” (Recover and Reimagine 2021). The Museum of Costa Rican Art is located in San Jose, Sabana.

Culture Award 2019

Reference - Museum of Costa Rican Art.


Culture Award 2019
June 2021

"Three-Dimensional Category 2019"

The Costa Rican Ministry of Culture awards with the Culture national prize to recognize the trajectory of work, effort, tenacity, and excellence in different artistic-cultural disciplines. In 2019, Francisco Amighetti's National Prize in the Three-Dimensional category was awarded to Adrián Arguedas Ruano, for the work “The Apprentice” (El Aprendiz 2019). In this opportunity to manifest both a conceptual and technical skill in an introspective, intelligent proposal that reflects on an identity background, bringing it to the contemporary, making its hybridization and syncretism visible in an effective way,

Reference - Ministry of Culture of Costa Rica.

2017 Exhibition "El Aprendiz"

Museum of Cen500l Bank Costa Rica
March 2017

Costa Rica's Central Bank Museum 2017

To begin with ...WHO WE ARE..? The adequate consideration of such as important topic can not be short or simple, and the analysis of the approaches and the technique and formal solutions used by the artist requires a consideration of the technical, formal, and semantic aspects of his works. Arguedas's inquiry into who we are has stimulated political and sociocultural reflections focused on the fabric of power relations inherent in the structure of our society. This interest serves as the basis for the creation of scenes in which masquerades and other images with colonial roots coexist alongside important figures from the entertainment industry, as well as other images of political, and religious nature.

Reference - The Apprentice Exhibition's Catalog, Costa Rica Central Bank.

Ministerio de Cultura Costa Rica Museo Arte Design